Heritage Pointe Beer Enthusiasts Can Sip a Flight at Tower Hill Brewery in Chalfont

One man’s vision brought to life, the Tower Hill Brewery debuted in Chalfont in 2015. The brewpub highlights a variety of housemade beers, from a light and fruity Kolsh to a rich, malty Black IPA. No one is like the other, so consider sharing a flight of six for only $12 to get a real taste of everything. For Heritage Pointe residents who aren’t beer fans, don’t fret: Tower Hill has wine on the menu, or you could try a hard cider!

Pair your brews with some of the delicious plates on the menu. The pierogis steal the show in the appetizer round, which makes sense as the owner has a Polish upbringing. For your main dish, the eatery offers a variety of sandwiches, tacos, and entrees. The grilled lime jumbo shrimp served atop corn salsa in a tortilla bowl earn rave reviews, as do the fish and chips and the skirt steak sandwich with lemon-y arugula. Many pieces of the menu are sourced locally, so even more reason to give it a shot this weekend!

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