The Zen Den: Where Residents of Heritage Summer Hill Can Linger Over a Latte and Free Wi-Fi

Located about 3 miles from Heritage Summer Hill, The Zen Den in Doylestown brings unique style and comfort to the coffee drinking scene. The restaurant describes itself as a “funky, chic coffee boutique” and aims to offer the Doylestown community a place to “relax and recharge.”

The spacious interior feels more than a living room than a cafe. The shop is decorated with antique furniture and accents to give it an eclectic and cozy vibe. The walls are adorned with artwork and photography from local artists and is all for sale. There is free Wi-Fi for those looking to be productive, and there are often live music and networking events. Upcoming events for June, for example, include a workshop about essential oils, plus performances by a handful of local entertainers.

As for the menu, The Zen Den only serves La Colombe Torrefaction coffee (often accompanied by whimsical latte art) and Blackberry Pond loose leaf teas, both of which are organic. All of the pastries and food served at the cafe are sourced from local eateries!

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