Where to Find Internationally Inspired Tapas Near Heritage Summer Hill: Honey in Doylestown

Honey is a one-of-a-kind staple in Doylestown, with an ambiance that's equal parts upscale and cozy. Stone walls with eclectic lighting and comfortable booths make for the perfect atmosphere to stay and enjoy. While the price point is definitely more in line with a special-occasion meal, a visit here is worth every penny and then some.

The menu features a rotating selection of internationally inspired small plates so that you and a friend from Heritage Summer Hill can try a little bit of everything. One favorite plate is the salmon tacos, which fill crisp wonton shells with salmon tartare, pineapple, jicama, and a lime vinaigrette. Just as loved is the black tea-glazed short ribs served with ginger ice cream, or the risotto cakes. Pair your meal with a perfectly crafted cocktail. The Heat of Passion will add a little kick — it's made with passion fruit juice, tequila and spicy habanero. Honey also offers a variety of local craft beers if cocktails aren’t your cup of tea!

Craving Indian Cuisine Near Heritage Summer Hill? You’ll Find It at Best Taste of India

Many people love Indian cuisine, and if you're looking for it near Heritage Summer Hill, you'll find it at Best Taste of India II. This no-frills Indian eatery offers all of the most popular dishes from across India, and its elegant yet sparse dining room creates a perfect spot for a low-key lunch or a casual date night out.

At Best Taste of India II, the menu includes biryani dishes, curry and rice platters and even vegetarian options made entirely without meat. Samosas and fresh-baked naan bread make delicious appetizers to go along with your meal, and the restaurant has a BYOB policy so that you can bring your favorite wine to go along with your meal.

If you're looking to enjoy dinner at home, Best Taste of India II offers takeout on any menu item, and the eatery delivers anywhere in the Doylestown area.

Best Taste of India
826 N Easton Road
Doylestown, PA 18902
(215) 489-7800

Don’t Miss the Truffle and Smoke Potato Chips at Honey

Truffle and smoke potato chips. Scottish salmon tacos. Duck samosas. At Honey in Doylestown, these inventive tapas are standard dinner fare. Although Yelp reviewers seem to particularly like the truffle and smoke potato chips at this eatery not far from Heritage Summer Hill (they're dusted with hickory-smoked sea salt and drizzled with truffle oil) you have plenty of options if you come to Honey for small plates.

Order a few to share at your table, like the fried goat cheese risotto cakes with chickpea caponata and oregano-scented tomato broth. Or try the Black Velvet oysters, dressed in a Guinness reduction and champagne-horseradish mignonette, then served with smoked steelhead caviar. Add a specialty cocktail or a locally brewed craft beer for the full fine dining experience at Honey.

42 Shewell Avenue
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 489-4200

Doylestown Dining at the Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House near Heritage Summer Hill

"The soup guy is back." That's the rumor that Doylestown residents traded for months before Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House even opened on Main Street. Its founder and head chef Keith Bialock had already made a name for himself as the chef-owner at Cyber Stop Cafe on West State Street. When he hung up his chef's hat there, it wasn't long before he reemerged as the mind behind Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House—along with restaurateur and partner Chad.

Although Chad points out that "it looks like we're going crazy" in reference to the restaurant's open kitchen, he notes that that's just because chefs make everything to-order at Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House. That includes the three types of freshly baked breads you'll find at the "bread bar," the creamy crab soup (a favorite, according to Yelpers), and the vegetarian chili. Other dishes include fried oysters, pan-seared salmon, crab cakes, and charbroiled tuna steak.

Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House is located just a short trip from Heritage Summer Hill in Doylestown.

Pennsylvania Soup & Seafood House
22 South Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 230-9490

Head to the Jules Thin Crust Near Heritage Summer Hill for Fresh, Organic Pizzas in Doylestown

When the first Jules Thin Crust opened in Doylestown back in 2004, founders John and Jan Ordway's culinary philosophy reached all the way across the nation. Jeff Clap, a high school friend of John, was inspired by the Ordway's fresh concept: to create an organic pizzeria where healthy, locally sourced ingredients took center stage.So, not long after the flagship location opened, Jeff and his wife debuted another all the way across the country in Danville, California. Today, there are eight locations between Pennsylvania and California, including the Doylestown spot near Heritage Summer Hill.

Each Jules serves precisely what John and Jan envisioned when they dreamed up the eatery—that is, thin-crust pies topped with responsibly raised, hormone-free meats and fresh veggies, often from nearby. You can taste the difference for yourself by ordering an "M2" pie, which comes topped with locally smoked pulled barbecue pork that's free of hormones, as well as mozzarella, red onions, and scallions. When it comes to veggie-topped pizzas, opt for Julie's pie. It sports goat cheese, mozzarella, roasted beets, red onions, micro greens, mandarin oranges, and a drizzle of lemon vinaigrette.

Visit Jules Thin Crust's website to learn more!

Jules Thin Crust
78 S. Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-8565

Slate Bleu Restaurant: Doylestown’s Own European Bistro Near Heritage Summer Hill

Heat lamps and microwaves have no place in Chef Mark Matyas's kitchen at Slate Bleu Restaurant. After all, he trained in Paris, where "a la minute" cooking is the modus operandi. This "to the minute" method means Chef Mark and his team craft food only when you're ready for it, and it goes directly to your table.

He and his wife, Susan, who own this Doylestown eatery located just a short trip away from Heritage Summer Hill, work hard to ensure that every aspect of your meal at Slate is a delight. That applies not only to bistro plates (akin to large tapas) of mussels, steak frites, and assorted cheeses—three customer favorites—but also to the ambiance itself.

Slate Bleu Restaurant resides inside part of Doylestown's Agricultural Works, the former Rhoades Livery, to be exact. This is the oldest space in the building and dates back to 1864. Some hints of its history shine through in the decor, including the original timber and exposed bricks. However, the owners manage to put a contemporary spin on the space by also incorporating modern, classic furnishings.

Visit Slate Bleu's website to learn more about this Doylestown restaurant!

Slate Bleu Restaurant
100 S. Main Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 348-0222

Honey: Ever-Evolving Cuisine near Heritage Summer Hill in Doylestown

From your first bite to your last, any dish you order at Honey might just delight. The chefs at this Doylestown eatery near Heritage Summer Hill make it their main goal to create truly unique cuisine that melds flavors in ever-changing way as the ingredients mingle. They pull inspiration from all over the world, but the final result is always something distinctly and uniquely flavorful.

That's thanks to the teamwork of husband-wife owners Joe and Amy, who guide the eatery with a ruling philosophy that food should cater to all tastes. That means that their flexible menus often encompass inventive takes on classic cuisine. Foie gras sliders, lobster pizza, house-made potato chips with white truffle oil and hickory-smoked sea salt—these are just a few of the creative dishes you might find at the softly lit restaurant. The menu changes frequently, but you can always count on a local craft beer, artisan cocktail, or non-alcoholic specialty drink such as the pomegranate ginger ale.

42 Shewell Avenue
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 489-4200


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