COMING SOON! Bucks County Aerial will be flying a drone over Summer Hill to shoot video footage for our website.  

We ask that you please be mindful of what you have outside of your home that day. We will be shooting the entire community, but please pay particular attention to your decks and patios as the video will showcase those areas along with the scenery and views.  Please make sure there is no trash being stored outside, your grills are covered, and that there aren’t any items laying in the landscaping (bikes, scooters, beach chairs, sports equipment, etc). Any items outside will be part of our permanent video!  We also do not want you to be alarmed if you see the drone flying around!  We will forward the schedule for the video as soon as we have it, but anticipate that it will take place within the next week or two. 

We appreciate you taking the time to help make our community look beautiful.   Please feel free to contact our leasing office with any questions at 215.257.7900.

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