Have a Sweet Tooth, Heritage Crystal Springs? Pop by Bell’s Delite!

Stop by Bell’s Delite the next time you have a craving for sweets, as they serve up some of the most delicious ice cream you'll find near Heritage Crystal Springs. That's probably why this family-owned establishment has been a staple in Parkesburg for over 10 years now.

Bell's Delite is known for tasty soft-serve, which is deliciously creamy and perfect in a cup or cone with some sprinkles on top. The milkshakes also earn rave reviews, as do the specialty gourmet cupcakes. We love the salty-sweet chocolate cupcake with salted caramel frosting and crushed pretzels! Pair that with a coffee or hot chocolate for the perfect combo until summer returns. If you’re the savory person in the family, no worries, they serve soup and hot dogs too!

You can always order at the traditional walk-up window, but Bell's Delite also has a drive-through, which is super convenient.

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