Join Some Friends From Heritage Crystal Springs for Free Dessert at Brass Eagle Inn

Ideal for a relaxing dinner with family, happy hour, game day, and late-night drinks with some friends from Heritage Crystal Springs, Brass Eagle Inn is known for its comfortable and casual atmosphere. Brass Eagle has two separate spaces in one location: One space is a large open room with a bar area, and the other space is a separate smaller room with a much calmer and quieter ambiance.

Brass Eagle offers daily specials and an extensive menu. Start out with the calamari rings, which are breaded, lightly fried, and served with cocktail sauce. As for the entree, Brass Eagle is most known for their tasty crab cakes, which are loaded with crab meat. Be sure to take advantage of the free dessert that arrives with every entree!

Brass Eagle does not take reservations and is usually busy, so a wait is to be expected!

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