House and Home: An Art Exhibit near Heritage Summer Hill at Doylestown’s Mercer Museum

"Home" means something different to every person. For Henry Mercer, the local artisan who inspired Mercer Museum, "home" referred to a castle—Fonthill Castle, to be exact. His completely customized cement castle resides less than two miles from Mercer Museum in Doylestown — and just a short trip from Heritage Summer Hill. So it's only fitting that his namesake museum would pay homage to the concept of the home in a special springtime exhibit called House and Home.

From now until March 15, the exhibit is on display at Mercer Museum. It seeks to answer the question "What makes a house a home?" by considering the many different buildings where Americans reside and have resided throughout history. From smaller spaces like dorm rooms to colonial homes to military barracks, the exhibit makes a case for calling each "home" via a collection of photos, videos, artifacts from the homes themselves, and original construction materials.

If you find yourself hungry for more art and history after exploring House and Home, check out Mercer Museum's other current exhibits. They include a display of works by Bucks County artists, an art spread dedicated to volunteer firefighting, and a family-friendly, interactive LEGO castle exhibit.

House and Home at Mercer Museum
84 S. Pine Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-0210

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