Experience Doylestown History near Heritage Summer Hill at the Mercer Museum

"Unique" is a word often used to describe Mercer Museum in Yelp reviews. Unlike your typical museum, this one is housed inside of a building—or rather, a castle—made entirely out of concrete. It was designed and built by namesake Henry C. Mercer, a Doylestown local who believed that every piece of handmade history should be preserved, no matter how small. To that end, the open atrium of this concrete building near Heritage Summer Hill became a catch-all for a variety of unusual and rare items collected prior to the Industrial Revolution.

The mix of wares avoids any kind of overarching theme. A whaling boat hangs in the open air over the six-story atrium. Nearby, a Conestoga wagon dangles and a stagecoach awaits occupants who will probably never arrive—unless they're excellent climbers. Elsewhere in the museum you'll find tucked-away rooms and cubbyholes holding everything from old-fashioned healing instruments to the equipment tinsmiths once used.

If the Mercer Museum intrigues you so greatly that you'd like to learn more about its creator, plan a visit to nearby Fonthill, Henry Mercer's former residence. The archaeologist, ceramicist, and all-around academic had a very unique taste, and it shows in the design of his home—particularly the Moravian tiles found throughout the second concrete castle.

Mercer Museum
84 South Pine Street
Doylestown, PA 18901
(215) 345-0210

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